What Skills Are Required to Land Modular Construction Jobs?

Transfer Your Skillset to a Growing and Innovative Industry

Modular construction jobs are calling for skills that can be transferred from a multitude of various industries. But what skills are needed, and do you have them?

Modular construction is a growing sector, and is being rapidly shaped by technology. While modular construction is forecast for substantial growth – reaching $114.78 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2021 and 2028 – the skills to support it are short in traditional construction. Therefore, there is plenty of scope for those with transferrable skills to benefit in this sector.

Do you possess the skills that could see you excel?

What Is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is where a building is constructed off-site, and then delivered on-site for assembly – halving time delivery of a completed build. No more weather calling the shots on progress. Skilled off-site experts designing and creating under one protective roof. Better quality. Reduced carbon emissions.

The problem lies within the replacement of traditional skills with new, as training in modular construction struggles to keep pace with demand. It’s likely the best skills are transferable skills from other industries. Do you hold the key?

The Skills Required to Excel in Modular Construction Jobs

A collaboration of highly skilled workers is required from start to finish, in vastly different roles. Here is an overview of task categories:

Digital Design

If you’re skilled in digital design (also known as DfMA – Design for Manufacture Assembly), you’re a crucial element in the initial stages of successfully designing buildings off-site.

The use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) will assist you in conducting 3D and 4D modeling and testing, so predictions on the performance and structure of the design can be made.

If you’ve got a degree in digital design, you’ll be in a great position to enjoy this career, with construction-specific training. You should also be good with data management and information management.

Off-Site Logistics

In this sector, you’ll be overseeing the entire off-site process of modular construction, from communicating with suppliers, coordinating schedules, and providing accurate estimations. The process ranges from planning to transportation and supply chain management, off-site and on-site.

Your skills will need to adjust to changing logistics between off-site and on-site. Excellent planning and project management skills will be required to ensure safe and timely transportation of the build.

Time and Price Estimation

Modular construction requires accurate cost and time estimations. This skill is most often achieved through experience of knowing how much of a material or product is required, and when, to ensure perfectly scheduled delivery with minimal waste.

You’ll be quick to adapt to factors that affect your estimations. These include schedule changes, factory output, materials used, weather or economy restraints, and speed of workers.

Off-Site Manufacture

Working solely off-site, this sector of modular construction is calling for skills in:

  • Machinery operations
  • Welding
  • Joinery
  • Quality testing
  • Steel fixing

The ability to multi-skill, self-start, and adapt will be high on an employer’s agenda for this factory-based role. You’ll also be confident in adopting new technology methods that will be implemented to enhance results and working experience, and detect potential issues.

On-Site Placement and Assembly

Every minute detail in the process has been designed and built for this moment. Companies need skilled workers who can precisely follow assembly instructions. One misplaced bolt could cause disastrous (and expensive) consequences.

Problem solving, quality assurance, and process management are keywords hiring managers will be looking for in resumes.

Modular Construction Jobs Need Your Skills

Modular construction jobs may not be a field you considered – but you should. There are some incredible job opportunities that are being filled with skilled workers from many diverse and unrelated industries. The construction industry is booming – and so could your career.

At Pivot Workforce, we’re looking for skilled people like you to match up with highly rewarding and exciting job opportunities, in a rapid growth sector of a stable industry. To learn how you could fit in, contact Pivot Workforce today.