You Want Lucrative Construction Jobs? It’s Time to Build Your Technology Skills

The Skills Shift in Construction Is Powered by Technology

If you’re in search for construction jobs that pay particularly well, there’s a newly emerging skill you need to develop. Technology.

Yes, technology. If you thought tech only had a place in offices, far, far away from a construction site, you’re behind the times. The impact of digital disruption in construction jobs means technology is fast advancing both on and off-site.

If you want to advance your career in construction, then you best build on your technology skills. In this article we link the technology trends construction employers are hiring for to the skills that will make you an in-demand candidate for lucrative construction jobs.

Augmented Reality

AR provides an accurate representation of work before it’s done and offers a compelling view from different angles. It also helps with the training process for construction by eliminating the need for expensive physical models.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers the possibility of showing viewers things they couldn’t see before – whether it’s an inaccessible place without risking human life (such as underground water drainage channels) or a new view of an old building.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information modeling is often used to help with the construction process, as it allows faster and less costly assessment of constructions and also creates a more detailed plan.


Drones are being used to monitor and inspect buildings, assess damages in an incident, and for delivery. The use of drones employs many new technologies, such as autonomous navigation and location prediction, and is a revolutionary idea that has had a huge impact on how businesses operate. Drones are also used for surveying and photographing for construction projects. Detailed images of a given site can be taken from high vantage points without requiring any human presence. This way, builders don’t have to rely solely on intuition or subjective experience when planning a project.

Digitally Enhanced Manufacturing

The digitally enhanced construction sector – where preassembled building components and modules are created off-site and delivered on-site – is a fast-growing field, creating enormous demand for skilled resources, as well as technological advancements such as 3D printing, robotic fabrication, on-site green building materials, and architecture software.

These advances have helped companies reduce costs while increasing efficiency and productivity through reduced waste build-up during projects.

How to Acquire the Skills You Need

First, you must consider which area of specialty you’ll likely excel in, or have a passion for. Your soft skills of willingness to learn and being adoptive of technological change will certainly be appealing to employers. But here are some tips on how you can obtain the skills that will advance your career:

Evening Classes

With the need for technical skills in construction on the rise, evening classes are becoming increasingly available, with the support of in-person tutoring and practical assessments. Great if you prefer a hands-on method of learning.

Online Courses

If location or flexibility is a factor, then online courses mean you can access learning facilities from home at your convenience. There is likely a cut-off point to complete the course and sit an exam for an extra fee, with online tuition and support available.

Part-Time Tuition

For more in-depth qualifications and skills, you may be able to reduce your hours and fund part-time tuition. This will have an impact temporarily on your income, but you’ll emerge a much higher-skilled worker with a more competitive salary in reach.

Speak to Your Boss

Talk to your employer about your career goals – they may be able to support you with the tools, training, time, and even finances to achieve them. They’ll also have you in mind for career progression or promotion opportunities, as nurturing their talent pipeline is beneficial to their business too.

Consider New Opportunities

If you have an unsupportive employer who detriments your ability to progress, you must not cut your career wings. There are plentiful construction opportunities out there for you, and a good construction company will support your ambitions and career goals, as well as understand the need to embrace technology to thrive.

Match your skills to the perfect construction jobs

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