Overtime Is Not How to Earn More in Construction Jobs

Extra Bucks Don’t Have to Cost You So Much

Construction jobs can be well paid, and with your skills in demand and the industry expanding, you’ll likely be offered overtime. But is it necessarily the best way to increase your earnings?

It makes sense to, right? Construction workers are hardworking people. Living costs are rising across the board – fuel, utilities, food… you need to earn more money just to cover your household bills. Working a few hours over your 40-hour week will fix the problem.

The thing is, working overtime in construction jobs is just a short-term fix. Here, we look at how doing so can have a hugely negative effect on you, your wellbeing, and your career for the long term.

The Negative Effects of Overtime on Your Health and Family Life

Working construction jobs isn’t easy. Extending it beyond full-time hours critically impacts your health and family life in several ways, including:

Health and Safety

The construction industry is dangerous. Despite construction jobs only making up 6% of the US labor work force, 20% of worker deaths are in construction. Tiredness and lack of concentration can kill. Working overtime, you’re putting yourself and your colleagues at risk.

Physical and Mental Health Issues

Burnout and stress are the result of working for long periods in a laborious and high-focused environment. Working overtime, you’re abandoning your needs to recuperate mentally and physically from what is already a demanding, full-time job.

Poor Work/Life Balance

What we do for ourselves outside of work is crucial to our performance during working hours. What is it you enjoy doing? Whether it’s family time, a hobby, or interest, the things we enjoy doing are what keep us stimulated, motivated, and happy. Working overtime hacks away at the fewer hours we have to enjoy the things we want to do, and complete the personal tasks we need to do.

Relationship Problems and Damage to Family Life

When you’re putting yourself at risk and suffering with physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, all the while losing out on time with your loved ones and friends, the relationships you have with them will inevitably become affected.

Think Long Term to Increase Your Earning Power

We’ve seen how a short-term increase in your pay packet will cost you more than overtime rates are worth. It’s time to change your perspective on your earning power for the long term. Here’s how:

Increase Your Tech Skills

If you want lucrative construction jobs, it’s time to build your technology skills. Construction is going increasingly tech. This is because of the high demand for building technology-related jobs, the increased need for construction workers with expertise in technology, and the growing acceptance of construction technology as a necessary investment for any company.

Keep Up with Trends

The construction industry is changing drastically. As such, construction employers want people who are aligned with the latest construction trends (such as technology, design and build methods, safety, and regulations), so their company can expand, compete, and deliver.

You’ll be increasingly valuable to employers if you have the right attitude toward learning new skills and adopting changes.

Take Courses

Improve your knowledge by taking courses in areas you’re particularly interested in and would like to learn more about. There are plentiful ways to learn, depending on the subject – from online, to evening classes, and apprenticeships. Talk to your boss about it. They may be able to help provide the time and resources you need to achieve your goals.

Being proactive in learning new skills is great for your career and looks stand-out on your resume.

Be Open to New Opportunities

Review your salary in line with your role and responsibility, and never be afraid to consider new opportunities. If your boss or company leave you feeling unsupported or discouraged to progress and learn new skills, you must take control of your own future and consider new construction jobs.

Start Your Financially Rewarding Future in Construction Jobs Today

Saying yes to overtime can give you a quick boost in your pay check at the end of the month. But it comes at a cost for both your personal and professional life. It’s time, instead, to invest in your future by becoming invaluable to employers.

At Pivot Workforce, we can help you find the employers and construction jobs opportunities that will help you realize your financial and career goals. Contact us today.