Construction companies benefit greatly from the contract talent pool. However, there is one issue baked into the premise of contract work: it ends.

If you’ve found the talent that’s well-suited to your needs -- the CAD technician who knows how to find solutions to a design problem, or perhaps a Project Manager manager who is adept at handling the many personalities on a construction site -- the last thing you want is to let them go at the end of a project.

That means having to go through the talent acquisition process again, finding the contract workers with the level of skill and intelligence your company is known for.

At the same time, you may not be ready to bring on a direct hire. You could be unsure of your future workforce needs, or you may simply want to work with several different contract workers before deciding who is the right fit for a longer-term position. Regardless, contract to hire workers are desirable in the construction/contech space because they provide companies with flexibility while also offering the opportunity for long-term growth.

Below we’ll discuss our contract to hire service, as well as explaining why we are the recruiters of choice for construction/contech companies.


Our Contract to Hire Process

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, our recruiters will use their 30+ years of industry experience to find the talent best-suited for the project you’re hiring for.

The talent will be on our payroll for the duration of the contract. Once the contract period is complete, you will then have the opportunity to bring the worker on to your payroll.

Construction and Contech Staffing - Pivot Workforce

Pivot Workforce finds the talent that your construction company needs. We specialize in contech because it is the future (and present) of the industry, but we also offer recruiting services for field management and C-Level positions.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re trying to find talent for your project. We’re committed to finding the best fit for both the employee and your company.


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