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Contractors Can Advance Their Recruiting Efforts with Zoe, an AI-Powered Talent Search

Recruiters in the Construction Industry Take Their Talent Acquisition Strategy to the Next Level May 26, 2022 – Pivot Workforce As we wrap up the month of May, many contractors...

What’s Under the Hardhat? How Contractors Can Create a Strong Mental Workforce 

The month of May is dedicated to one of the construction industry’s most pressing issues, mental health. It’s how you feel, think, act, and perceive the world. Strong mental health...

Recruiting Contech Candidates: The Dos and Don’ts

Construction technology allows companies to build fast, smarter, reduce waste and increase productivity. As technology evolves, so does your workforce. The quality of your work is only as good as...
employee retention strategies

7 Mission Critical Employee Retention Strategies for Construction Companies

How Can You Retain Your Most Talented Employees in 2022? Employee retention strategies are likely to be a critical concern for many construction companies in 2022. Why? There are three...
careers in construction

How to Pivot Into New Careers in Construction

Tips to Make a Successful Career Transition in 2022 Is 2022 the year you should pivot your skills and experience into a career in construction? The industry looks set to...
construction jobs

Overtime Is Not How to Earn More in Construction Jobs

Extra Bucks Don’t Have to Cost You So Much Construction jobs can be well paid, and with your skills in demand and the industry expanding, you’ll likely be offered overtime....
cybersecurity jobs

How to Get a Cybersecurity Job in Construction and Get More from It

Cybersecurity – The New Hot Job in Construction Companies Cybersecurity jobs are the new hot role in the construction industry. The rise of IoT and AI has led to a...

Top 5 Tech Trends Affecting Safety in Construction Today

The Shifting Landscape of Construction Safety Can we improve safety in construction industries? The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the world. In the United States...
construction jobs

You Want Lucrative Construction Jobs? It’s Time to Build Your Technology Skills

The Skills Shift in Construction Is Powered by Technology If you’re in search for construction jobs that pay particularly well, there’s a newly emerging skill you need to develop. Technology....
suicide provention month

Suicide Prevention Month – What Is Your Construction Business Doing?

It’s Time to Start Talking About Suicide Suicide Prevention Month should be a big topic for your construction business this September. What are you doing about it? The construction industry...