How to Get a Cybersecurity Job in Construction and Get More from It

Cybersecurity – The New Hot Job in Construction Companies

Cybersecurity jobs are the new hot role in the construction industry. The rise of IoT and AI has led to a need for more skilled information security professionals to protect companies from cyber threats around them.

The construction industry is relatively new to cybersecurity. But with more and more construction companies realizing that it’s not just their finances that are at stake – they’re also protecting their workers’ safety – it’s expected that demand for these jobs will continue to grow.

The Future of Cybersecurity Jobs in Construction

With the increased use of technology in construction, cybersecurity professionals are becoming a necessity to protect sensitive data and prevent possible damage from cyberattacks.

These professionals will be tasked with maintaining security protocols and ensuring compliance with various levels of cyber-defense laws. In addition, they will ensure that their organization’s work meets regulatory guidelines for responsible stewardship of human rights, the environment, and the public good.

Sought-After Skills for Cybersecurity Professionals in Construction

A cybersecurity professional in construction must have a wide range of skills to be successful in the industry. These include database administration and programming as well as data analysis and cryptography. The most in-demand skills required by cybersecurity jobs are:

·      Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are an essential part of being a cybersecurity professional in construction. These skills help you think outside of the box and identify potential threats before they cause damage to your company.

·      Technical Ability

Cybersecurity professionals need extensive technical skills that include knowledge in IT architecture, security engineering, encryption, cybersecurity operations management, and others. You should also be comfortable working across multiple platforms, including mobile and cloud computing.

·      Communication Skills

A cybersecurity professional should not only have great computer skills, but should also possess strong communication skills (both oral and written). You’ll not only be expected to gather information, but also to share it in language that non-tech people can understand.

·      Detail-Oriented

The construction industry is a complex and fast-paced field that requires a lot of attention to detail. In the span of a few days, a construction site can go through many changes, and a cybersecurity professional in the industry must be able to adapt quickly to new circumstances and complete their tasks by using various analytical tools. Attention to detail is a must.

·      Computer Forensics

Cybersecurity professionals in the construction industry need to have a thorough understanding of computer forensics. They need to be able to understand how a system works, what data it stores, and how it can be affected by malicious intent.

·      Understanding of Hacking

To become a Cybersecurity Professional in Construction, one of the most important skills to possess is understanding of hacking. This includes understanding how to identify a hack, what type of hackers are most common, and how they work. How do you demonstrate this knowledge? There is growing importance placed on attaining relevant qualifications, such as the CISSP exam.

How to be Successful as a Cybersecurity Professional in Construction

Want to know how to be successful in a cybersecurity role in construction? Here’s our advice:

  • Be passionate about cybersecurity
  • Demonstrate your cybersecurity experience (if you only have a little, volunteer!)
  • Develop a network of cybersecurity professionals
  • Be a continual learner, and stay updated with cybersecurity trends
  • Focus on developing your soft skills, too
  • Register with an agency that specializes in filling cybersecurity roles in construction

Don’t Miss out on This New Trend – Cybersecurity Careers in Construction

The need for skilled cybersecurity professionals is high and growing as the use of technology is increasing exponentially across various sectors of construction.

Many companies now consider cybersecurity as a core business function and recruit specialists with expertise in cyber-physical systems, cyber-physical security, and software development from across the globe. With increasing threats to cybersecurity, more companies are starting to invest in building their cybersecurity programs.

Our clients are actively seeking cybersecurity professionals to bring them the skills and commitment they need to protect their businesses and their people. Do you have what it takes?

Submit your resume, and we can also help you identify a cybersecurity pathway in construction that will compliment your skillset and history.