What’s Under the Hardhat? How Contractors Can Create a Strong Mental Workforce 


The month of May is dedicated to one of the construction industry’s most pressing issues, mental health. It’s how you feel, think, act, and perceive the world. Strong mental health leads to increased productivity, more self-confidence, and an overall happier life. Creating a company culture that incorporates healthy habits into your everyday routine is necessary…

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Recruiting Contech Candidates: The Dos and Don’ts


Construction technology allows companies to build fast, smarter, reduce waste and increase productivity. As technology evolves, so does your workforce. The quality of your work is only as good as the team behind it. When you are hiring for con-tech roles, what are the dos and don’ts in recruiting the best candidates? Do Plan: Like…

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How to Pivot Into New Careers in Construction

careers in construction

Tips to Make a Successful Career Transition in 2022 Is 2022 the year you should pivot your skills and experience into a career in construction? The industry looks set to boom, and there is a skills shortage in construction that companies are desperate to fill. Not only could switching careers into the construction industry make…

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Overtime Is Not How to Earn More in Construction Jobs

construction jobs

Extra Bucks Don’t Have to Cost You So Much Construction jobs can be well paid, and with your skills in demand and the industry expanding, you’ll likely be offered overtime. But is it necessarily the best way to increase your earnings? It makes sense to, right? Construction workers are hardworking people. Living costs are rising…

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How to Get a Cybersecurity Job in Construction and Get More from It

cybersecurity jobs

Cybersecurity – The New Hot Job in Construction Companies Cybersecurity jobs are the new hot role in the construction industry. The rise of IoT and AI has led to a need for more skilled information security professionals to protect companies from cyber threats around them. The construction industry is relatively new to cybersecurity. But with…

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Top 5 Tech Trends Affecting Safety in Construction Today

The Shifting Landscape of Construction Safety Can we improve safety in construction industries? The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the world. In the United States one-in-five deaths among workers occur in construction, despite only one-in-20 people working in the industry. In 2019, 9.7 of every 100,000 construction workers suffered a…

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